The organisation of your cruise in the Maldives

OK Maldives agrees to respect a policy of price transparency, all our stays are all-inclusive (excluding: flights, consumption at the bar, Nitrox and/or rebreathers, and tips of the crew.)


    Before leaving:

    • Make sure that your passport is valid.
    • Do not forget your diving documents.
    • Check the maintenance of your equipment.
    • No vaccine is required.
    • Inform the customs services that you are leaving aboard the ‘Equator’ with OK Maldives.

    Transferring and reception on board:

    If upon arrival you cannot find your guide, which is rare, but sometimes can happen, do not hesitate to contact your guide on site: (by phone): +960 777 3475.

    The guide will greet you at the airport after passport control and baggage collection. They will be waiting for you with an “OK Maldives” sign and you will board directly on our diving Dhoni.

    Your guide will then take care of the distribution of cabins (towels and bed sheets are provided) and will take note of the qualifications of the divers.

    You will do on the day of your arrival (except in the case of a late arrival) a “refresh” dive accompanied by your guide.

    OK Maldives makes every effort to optimize your stay as soon as you arrive: : no spending the night in the lagoon of Hulumalé unless there is a flight delay.

  • Life on board

    OK Maldives ensures that the diving safari is permanently managed by 9 people:

    • 2 French dive guides (speaking English), experts in the Maldives and responsible for your well-being (see the team)
    • 7 members of the crew aboard the Equator (see the fleet)

    As a general rule, we do 3 dives a day, here is the example of a typical day:

    • 06:00 – Wakeup call and a snack: tea, coffee, cakes and bananas available
    • 07:00 – First dive
    • 09:00 – Return to the boat, continental or local breakfast
    • 11:00 – Boat journey then the second dive
    • 13:00 – Lunch, choice of fish or meat, with vegetables and fresh fruit!
    • 15:00 – Third dive
    • 18:00 – Aperitif! We tell each other about the ventures of our day
    • 19:30-20:00 – Dinner, choice of fresh fish or meat, vegetables and fresh fruit!

    During your free time, you have a library with many books on the local underwater flora and fauna, as well as novels. The boat is also equipped with a CD player, a television and a DVD player. Otherwise, the sun deck awaits you for some sun bathing.


    During your cruise you will have the opportunity to visit local inhabited or deserted islands.

    Maldivians are welcoming and discreet people. Tourism is one of their main resources. You do not need permission to shoot or film, as long as you do it with a smile .

    No worries with regards to safety, despite what you’ve heard in Europe. The Maldives are a perfectly safe destination and the Maldivians are charming people.

  • Final day

    Lunch and depending on departure times, a visit to Hulhumale or Male (for some shopping, a visit to the fish and vegetable markets, the port, mosques, etc.)

    Tipping is customary in the Maldives. €10 per day and per passenger is recommended according to your satisfaction (tips are then distributed to the entire Maldivian crew).

    Upon return, your guides will ensure that you have time to shower before reaching the airport at least two hours before take-off. For late departures, dinner will be served aboard the boat.

    We personally bring you back to the airport: we are here to take care of you from your arrival until your departure.